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 About Us:                       We find Solutions & Provide You With Results !

We work with both Buyers & Sellers in finding that gorgeous dwelling of their choice.

Also, property owners, we reduce vacancy rates & increase productivity.

Determining the right tenant is a challenge that at one time or another . . .

Apartment Property Managers / Owners / Investment Groups / Rental Agencies will face.

It is important to understand that finding a good tenant is the life of the business.

The ideal tenant should be properly screened and evaluated

which will help in keeping the business running in perfect condition.

We fill vacancies with ideal residents.

-  Determine the target market that will reach the perspective new tenant.

     -  Know what the residents like

     -  Know the competing dwellings

     -  Survey resident apartments to learn the "Satisfaction" level

-  Know what appeals to the prospective resident by identifying and understanding the ideal tenant.

     -  Cosmetic factors are # 1 :  i.e. cleanliness, lighting, paint

     -  Nearby businesses such as supermarkets, transportation, coffee shops, entertainment, etc.

-  Create effective advertising directly where the target markets will see it.

     -  Always accessible

We screen out "problem" residents and find "model" tenants.

     -  An application & processing fee from each prospect

     -  Initial review & verify information

     -  Obtain a credit check & eviction on all potential residents

     -  Inspect potential resident's current residence & do criminal backgrounds check

        Complimentary consultation available 7 days a week from 10 AM - 7 PM CST.

        Our fee: A flat first month's rent after applicant's approval & rental move-in.

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