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The below forms is just part of our process in determining a qualified resident / tenant.

1.   Rental Application: Phone Number, Applicant's Name, Address, Social Security, Date of Birth, Present Address, City, Rental Price, Landlord, Landlord's phone number,  Previous Rental [includes address, rental price, landlord & phone number], Employment History [company name, address, city, title, work number, supervisor (with phone number), wages], Vehicle [make & model, year, license plate number], Any outstanding bills [student loans, credit cards, other], Emergency contact, References . . .

2.  Tenant Disclosure Form:  Applicant gives consent on a credit report to be made [Applicant's Name, Address, City, Social Security, Date of Birth, Drivers License / ID, State] . . .

3.  Tenant Verification: Contact present and previous residences on Applicant [name, address, city, phone number, rental price], Lessor [company name, address, city, phone number, attention management], Request [name, address, city, phone number], answer various questions pertaining to tenant rental history . . .

4.  Chicago Apartment Lease: Standard Chicago Apartment Lease as it pertains to the Chicago Association of Realtors, which contains Lease Agreements and Covenants plus Rules and Regulations . . .

5.  Lead Paint Pamphlet: Required with a Chicago Lease.

6.  Disclosure . . . Lead-Based Paint : Attached to a Real Estate SALE Contract.

7.  Chicago Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Summary: Rider to Chicago Apartment Lease Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Summery that must be attached to every written lease.

8.  Municipal Code Chapters : Rate of Interest on Secuirty Deposits

9.  Standard Property Exclusive Marketing Agreement: Agreement to sell property.

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 1.   Rental Application

 2.   Tenant Disclosure Form

 3.   Tenant Verification

 4.   Chicago Apartment Lease

 5.   Lead Paint Pamphlet

 6.   Lead Paint Disclosure

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